This page has been set up so that persons who wish to try to find out

information on various matters of family history, photographs etc. can

place the request here in the hope that someone out there may be able to help.

Requests and answers should be sent to Roger Stokes unless otherwise stated.


This photograph was believed to have been taken at Woodbury School in 1922.

The boy back left is Olav Sellick and the girl front left is Dorcas Sellick.

Does anyone know who any of the others were?


I am tracing my family history of Skinners in Woodbury, does anyone know of any info on them.
Karen Lawes                                                              

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Could anyone let me know about Coombe Dairy in Woodbury.  It is mentioned in 1891 census as being occupied by ancestors George & Eliza Marks.

Many thanks Sonia Gardener                               

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I am also trying to trace my Skinner ancestors from Woodbury.

In particular details regarding the parents and family of Joseph Skinner b 1751, married to Hannah Gooding 4/4/1773, died 30/12/1821.

All events in Woodbury.

Andy Pilborough- Skinner


I am writing to ask if any like minded Woodbury Genealogist,might be able to help me? I am seeking any information on a Plexina Cornish born circa 1872,a farmers daughter of Cottles Farm Woodbury,Devon. She married  Albert George Boyland in 1891.
Anything on these people would be appreciated,
Ron Boyland


I have traced the Daymond family back to James Daymond born Woodbury 1828, he had a son called James also born Woodbury 1863 and 2 Daughters called Minnie and Esther.
James 1863 was my great grand father who had a daughter called Eva Florence who was born in Aylesbere in 1887.
Thats all I can find on the Daymond family, so would appreciate any information, I have traced many other family surnames, but I'm afraid this one has me baffled.
Best regards
Colin Bridgeman


Will be visiting Woodbury at the beginning of March to do some research on my ancestors - the Ebbels and Halls.  Hoping to take lots of photos of the village, and especially to visit the churchyard where some of my ancestors are buried.  I'm a regular visitor to your website, which I find very interesting.  Very much looking forward to my first visit to 'the real thing'! Is there anyone with information on these families.

Chris Hammond


I have lived in woodbury for ten years now, having moved from London. To find the surname Salter in the London area is very rare. When I first arrived in the village people were constantly asking me if I was from this Salter family or that Salter family. I wonder if anyone has information about any Salter families, past or present within the parish
many thanks

Paul Salter                                                                                                                   Email:


I am researching my family and was wondering if anyone in Woodbury remembers, or has information about, the Boyland family; my grandfather, Walter John Boyland, a (steam?) engine driver (according to his marriage certificate of 1922), and his siblings, Bill, who I believe was sexton or church warden, (1960's?), Ern, Bess, May and others?
Are there any surviving photographs of my grandad or great uncles and aunts, perhaps with other local people, still in the posession of their relatives or villagers?
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who can help. I can be contacted at
Best wishes, John.                            

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I am descended from Tom and Harriet Berry, who lived in Woodbury according to the 1881 census and would be interested in any relatives that may still be around.

Colin V P Berry


Hi, i am trying to find any information on James John Stanley Mills, who was married to Stella Rees. They had  three children Brian, Clifford, and June Ethel, june was born in 1935 in school house Farringdon. If anyone could also help with any information on Brian or Clifford i would be very greatful.
Many thanks
 David Ainsley


Does anyone remember my dad, Robin Ingleheart or any of his family? His brother (Peter)and wife(Carole) and sister(Joyce)and husband (Don Williams) all moved to Spain about 15/16 years ago.  My cousin Mark Poole has moved to Exmouth with his wife and son, and his brother Lee, now lives in Exeter with his wife and daughter.
You can email me on 


I am currently tracing my family history, and would be extremely grateful on any information on my great, grandmother, Beatrice Mary Auton, Born 1880 in Woodbury Salterton and her family, parents were William Auton Dob 1852 (Born Woodbury Salterton) & Sarah Jane Auton Dob 1852 (Born Woodbury Salterton) who was an Honiton Lace Maker.  I know my great grandmother moved to Topsham in 1902 after marrying William Richard Ware.  If anyone can shed any light on the Auton family I would be extremely grateful, or if there are any living descendents still living here

Julia Veale


Hi, I am trying to find out about the Hyett family who owned House Butcher Shop in the 1800s  and according to the census return lived in Grindle Lane which I have been unable to find on a recent visit. William John Hyett was the butcher together with his son also called William John who was born in the villiage in 1852 he later moved to Moretonhampsted,
 I live in Wadebridge in Cornwall so it seems the family just kept going west!  Any information would be very much appreciated,
many thanks

Stephen Hyett


I came across your family history page and was wondering if you would be able to put me in touch with those persons researching SKINNER and SELLICK?
I've done a virtually complete SELLICK tree which I am happy to share, and am busy doing the same thing for the SKINNER family.
I would appreciate contact from anyone researching these families, or anyone likely to link in with them. I am also interested in many other East Devon names, so a contact on the off chance may prove fruitful. One immediate name that springs to mind from Woodbury is NEWTON. I've got 23,000 names on the tree, most from East Devon so there is likely to be someone out there that shares ancestors!

I forgot to mention the ever present GOODING family. They are also a particular interest of mine!


Jan Kingshott

My e-mail address is


I was lucky enough to have a brief visit to your lovely village in June this year and to discover some family graves in the churchyard. My grandmother Ethel Grace Thomas was born in Woodbury in 1883 and emigrated to Australia then New Zealand. She was the daughter of John Brandford Thomas and Louisa Grace nee Tucker born 1852 died 1891. Both are buried in the St Swithuns churchyard. They lived at Izel Cottage in Woodbury. I would love to hear from anybody with any connection or information on the family.
Robyn Standish    email 
New Zealand


Tuck Family
David Tuck was born in Woodbury in 1815 and was a harness-maker. He married Maria  (surname not known) in Woodbury in 1839. Maria was born in Woodbury in 1818.
They had five children all born in Woodbury. David William born 1847, John born 1844, James born 1845, Elizabeth Ann born 1850, George born 1841.
David William Tuck married Clara French daughter of Thomas Fowler French who was born in Woodbury in 1807 and was a Coach Maker.
David William Tuck and Clara French married in Enfield Middlesex in 1869. They lived in Enfield Middlesex for a number of years where he was a police constable. He then moved back to Woodbury where  he was a bootmaker then a 'Letter Carrier " for the post office.
They had five children. Thomas John born 1870, Emma Jane born1872, Jessie Florence born1883, Stafford born1876, Henry James born 1875.
I am researching my family history and would very much appreciate any information and hear from any relatives that i may still have in Woodbury.
Ray Tuck



I am interested in any information or fellow researchers  in relation to the
Pyle/Ridler/Bricknell Familes.

Joseph Pyle married Sarah Bricknell (both born Woodbury)
Their son also Joseph (born Woodbury) married Aiset Ridler (born Aylesbeare)
married at St. Swithuns June 17, 1824.

Joseph and Aiset are listed in 1851 Census as Ag.Lab and Lace Maker, their
11 year old daughter Sarah Ann also listed as Lacemaker.  They had 9 children in

Jospeh and Aiset then came to Australia with most of their children.

Sarah Anne married Captain Alex. Paton (drowned at sea) then married Timothy
White. Sarah and Timothy are my Gr. Grand parents.

Any information appreciated and any I have willingly shared.

Jan Brunner (Australia) 


I have been trawling the internet and come across your site. I wonder if you can help please?
In my family tree I have the Elson family from Woodbury. To cut a long story short, Ellen Elson b 23/10/1846 (daughter of Isaac and Hannah) first marries Samuel Tremlett - widowed the same year, and then married Henry Charles Skinner (b 1845) in Croydon in 1868.
I see from the postings that there have been various mentions of Skinners in Woodbury. I've not been able to trace Henry back any further than his parents Jane Lacey and Charles Skinner although I think they came from Littleham - as you well know, places of birth change on every census and certificate!!
If anyone can cast any light on the elusive Skinners I'd be really grateful. Charles born c1822 (according to the LDS site) was my Great great grandfather.
Thanks for your time,
Lizzie (nee Skinner) 


Hi, I've very much enjoyed a first visit to your website.

I would be grateful if you could put on a request for information on my grandmother's family, the Hensons (including variations in spelling of Hinkson/Hingston and others).  The earliest mention I have in Woodbury is Edward Hinkson marrying Mary Norrish in 1797.  There were several families of Hensons, all related, in Woodbury through the 1800s, my grandmother Florence Henson being born there in 1886.  By 1900 all but one family I think had moved.

Related names are:  Harris, Gee, Bolt, Quaintance, Newton, Pidgeon, Brown.

By the way, out of interest, my parents (Ken and Gwen Cox) retired to Woodbury in 1980 having had no previous contact with the village only to discover about 5 years ago about the connection with my paternal grandparents!

Many thanks.

Sue Durant


Having spent countless hours trawling through the & Genes Reunited sites I have reached a dead end regarding my family tree.
However, the place of the earliest record is Woodbury and I would be very grateful for any information that you may have from local records or other web contacts.
I am attempting to trace my grandfather George William OLIVER b1843 in Landport, Hampshire.
The 1851 census shows him living in Woodbury with his mother Eliza LIVERMORE b 1823 in Gosport and sister Martha COX ?b1847 St Georges Clist, Devon.  Through a Genes Reunited contact, it appears that his mother's full name was Eliza Martha Jane OLIVER daughter of Edward OLIVER - a master mariner.
Eliza married James LIVERMORE b1824 of Woodbury in 1847 and later moved to Islington, London where they had 2 other children. The 1861 census shows that both George & Martha adopted the LIVERMORE name of their step-father.  However, when George married Mary Rendall in 1867, he had reverted to the OLIVER name. Martha was a witness and also signed herself as OLIVER.


I visited Woodbury in mid Aug 06 with the aim of taking a photo of Phoenix Motors garage, as this was where I bought my Morgan car from in 1970.   I am trying to build up a history of the car, as it was very special to me.   However, I found that Phoenix Motors had been demolished some years ago, and since then houses have been built on the site.
Does anyone out there have any photos of Phoenix Motors that they would be happy to share with me?
Many thanks
Roger Thomas



Does anyone have any knowledge of a JAMES JARMAN married to MARY CHURCHILL in 1742. Mary was born in Woodbury in 1721. I would also like information regarding Mary's parents.
Also I am looking for birth details on JOSEPH GREEN who married SARAH WHITMORE in 1734. Any info on either families would be helpful.
JOHN HOWE married ELIZABETH (?) in 1680 and any information on these two would be an asset.
Pamela Truss (


I am trying to find the father of one Peter Daley (who made the trumpeting Angel in the church) who married Sarah Barrett in 1757.
However I wondered if anyone has any information on the following marriages which may narrow my search. I.  To try and narrow some information down I am particularly interested I am trying to ascertain whether  the parties to the weddings below were 'Of This Parish' and who the witnesses may have been to the weddings.
1    Ephraim Dalye (sic) to Joan Couch 9/6/1678
2    Ephraim Daly (sic) to Mary Whitmoor 1/8/1700
3    Robert Daly (sic) to Elizabeth Taylor 12/7/1724
I believe all marriages took place in Woodbury and I wondered if there were records of these events locally.
Martin Daley


My grandfather, William Williams, was born there in 1878.  He married Ethel Baker. They left for the USA in 1906.  His father Archer Williams was born there in 1846 and died there in 1907. He was married to Sarah Ann Norrish in 25 Dec.1869.  They had 11 children, John, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Isaac, William, George, Bessie, Jessie, Harry and Lucy Kate. Sarah died in 2 Apr.1891.  He then married Annie Julitia Wheaton 26 Dec,1895. From that marriage were 4 children; Mabel, Reginald, Harold and Clifford.  The father of Archer Williams was William Williams, born in 1807, also born and died in Woodbury, Devon, England.  He was Married to Kezia Soper.  Anyone with any iformation , would be a great help.  How many cemeteries in woodbury and surrounding area?  I am trying to find where they are buried also.


I am trying to trace information on John Luscombe, Born between 1774 & 1781 who was a fisherman living in Ebford in 1841. He was resident, with his daughter Elizabeth, at Reed & Rockets Farm in Woodmanton in 1861. Any information would be gratefully received.


Stuart Luscombe


My G-G-Grandfather was a Gamekeeper in Woodbury in 1861.At that time he was living with his two sons at Castle House. His name was John William Hughes a widower and an ex policeman born in Cirencester. He and his eldest son (also John William) left Devon, but his youngest son George stayed and worked for the Webber family in Woodbury. I am interested in the gamekeeping aspect of this part in the family history. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for a very interesting site and Good Luck.

Regards John Hughes.


MARGARET PENN.  I have recently discovered that Margaret Penn was my
grandmother.  She gave my father and aunt away for adoption and we have
just found the birth parent details.  She lived in Phoenix cottage on 
Broadway and before that in Bixley Haven next door.  I would like to
meet anyone who knew her and can tell me something about her.  In
particular, I know she was acquainted with the following:- Mrs Daisy
Marks, Mrs Maude Yeo, Mrs Emily Clements all of Woodbury.  If they or
any of their relatives or indeed friends would be prepared to talk to
me, I would be so delighted.

Thanking you in advance Ralph Howard-Williams.


I am trying to trace members of my husbands family,who supposedly came from Wolthamstowe in London.His name was Leonard John Purkiss.He was the only male of six children,the sisters and his Father never kept in touch for some reason,so my husband never knew his aunties.His father passed away some years back now,but I think he would love to know of any family still living,as he has lost his mother also,and a sister and brother from unforeseen circumstances.So he feels alove family wise,and would thrill him to find these aunties.His father died in 1980,at the age of 62.
                              Thank you.Yours faithfully  P.Purkiss(Pat)




The two beautiful oil paintings above are believed to be of a cottage/cottages near Woodbury Common. They were painted by a Mr Langdon from Exmouth in 1922 from a postcard. The owner of the pictures is trying to find out where these cottages are or may have been. They were obviously near a small stream or duck pond, but so far they cannot be placed.  It is possible they could have been on the Colaton Raleigh/East Budleigh side of the common. If anyone has any idea please contact me and I will pass on the information to the owner.

The owner would also like to know if anyone in the Exmouth area thinks they are related to Rita his wife. Her maiden name was Langdon and the relations she can remember are as follows: Ernest Langdon, Albert Langdon. William Langdon (Will) Edward Langdon, (Ned) Rose Langdon. Winifred Langdon. Dora Langdon. Emily Langdon. If anyone can help them in finding any living relation they would be very grateful indeed and they would love to contact them.


   Smeath family tree                                                                                                                  Hi
Was given your web site, so I thought I would e-mail to see if anyone
could help. My uncle William Alan Smeath born 1927 and his brother Gilbert
born 1922 were born there. I was wondering if anyone may of known them
or their parents called William Henry and Lillian Bessie Lang.
Would love to hear from anyone with info about them, school or photos
or just any stories to tell.

Send any details here


Im looking for information on JAMES STONE who died in Woodbury
Salterton area in January 1897 aged 74, he was a landlord in the
Halfway House Inn in Aylsebury in 1891.  I believe his son ALFRED
STONE was living in Woodbury at the time of his fathers death in 1897


Hi, I am looking for the "Back" name from Woodbury. I have in my family tree a William Back born around 1806 who came from Woodbury, or so his settlement papers say.

I would love to hear from anyone researching the same name.


Once again I have had the pleasure of visiting your Woodbury Site. This village was the home of my maternal ancestors the Livermores  since before the 18th century. But at present I am trying to trace my maternal Grandfather Ernest John Ireland  b. circa 1867 who married my Grandmother Emily Livermore b 1870 in Woodbury.  The wedding is the only record I have been able to find of Ernest so can anyone give me any information of the Ireland Family. Any help would be appreciated. My email address is

Leonard Phillips


I am yet another person researching Skinners from Woodbury particularly Martha Skinner baptised Woodbury 1815. I know that Martha lived as the wife of Richard Voysey but never married. Why, I don't know.
Her father was John and her mother Elizabeth ( there is a chance she may have been a Voysey).
Can any one help? Does Martha fit on anyone else's tree?

Jennie Mitchelmore


My family came from Woodbury but left about the end of the 1890's
I note in the 1960ish school choir photo on your site, there is a Margaret Davey and wondered if she was by chance a very distant relative. Is there still remnants of the Davey's in your area? My g grandfather married a ????? Rosewarne, the family were of the Brethren faith at that time, but are not any longer.
If you have any Davey's I would like, eventually to get in touch.
My Family moved from Woodbury to Ilfracombe and then onto Wales. My Father then moved to Swindon to serve an apprenticeship in the railway works, but that is all another story.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Martin Davey


Does anyone in the village remember a lady called Kate Salmon. She died in 1975 aged 86 and her ashes are interred in the churchyard in the grave of her parents John and Emily Morrish.  In her final years she lived at a care home in Whipton. A distant family member is trying to trace her life story in Woodbury over her lifetime. If you have any information please contact


We are still researching our Henson ancestors who were in Woodbury from the end of the 1700s (or possibly before) until into the early 1900s.  My brother has just been told, though, that there is (or was) a Thomas Henson resident in Woodbury.  
If anyone has any information on this Thomas Henson or any other local \Hensons then this would be much appreciated.
Many thanks
Sue Durant (nee Cox)


I am attempting to follow back my mother's family part of which originated in Devon.
One relative appears to be William Bishop, farmer of Otterton.  On the 1851 Census at age 46, he is shown with a wife Sarah: aged 34, birthplace Woodbury, Devon.
My feeling is that this may be his second wife.  I am unable to find a marriage record that appears to match.
I am wondering if anyone has this couple on their "tree" and can help me with Sarah's Maiden Family Name, please.
Eveline Pengilley


Hi, I am the great granddaughter of Plexina Cornish, my grandmother being Henrietta Boyland.,..married name Edwards. 
My mother, aged 86 is also name is Crissly Griffiths.  She is the only surviving child of Henrietta, being the youngest..I'm writing to let you know that her elder sister Edna May (Cleeves) aged 92yrs old sadly passed away on April 18th  of this year.
I have been in touch with a couple of family members, but to be honest, have never had the patience to go fully into my family history to the full. I wish I  so I pass this information onto you in case someone would be interested.
Kindest regards
Julie Winnett 


I am researching my mother's family tree and have got her Marks ancestors back to Thomas Marks, the Sexton of Woodbury Church in the early 1800's. He was married to Mary and their son William was christened on Nov 12, 1809. If anyone has any information can they please e-mail me at


I am seeking any information on the Scarlett family in the area.  
Namely James Salter SCARLETT (1829-1868) and his wife Sibella Peryman 
(nee TOZER) (1835-1876).  She is buried with a baby, Blanche Elizabeth 


''SKINNER family tree, Woodbury.  I have recently been researching my family tree and found that many of my family came from Woodbury.  I would particularly like to find out any information about my Great-Great Grandmother, Wilmot Skinner (1849-1925).  I know that she married Thomas Donald from Belfast, Ireland in 1873 and that he died at age 28 (1877).  She was then listed on the 1891 census in Woodbury as being a widow and living with her parents (John and Wilmot Skinner), along with two of her children (Thomas Donald and Myra Louisa).  I have come across records of her two other children (Thirza Donald (b1876, Belfast) and William Donald (b1874, Belfast), though there is no mention of them living with her at that time.   Wilmot later went onto marry Robert Gloyne and lived in Hampstead with him and had 4 more children).  If any one could give me any information about her life, before she married Robert Gloyne, I would be most grateful.  Also, does anyone else know of any family from Woodbury going over to Belfast about the same time as Wilmot?
Thank you very much. 
Karen Bowden


My grandfather Robert John NIGHTINGALL (1896-1967) left London with his horses during the war and ended up at Stallcombe Farm, Sanctuary Lane. He is buried in the churchyard at St Swithun's and we have been lucky to visit Woodbury many times and also Stallcombe. I wondered if anyone's parents or grandparents may have any information or memories of his life in Woodbury. Much appreciated. June email-


 I am related to the Harnell & Godfrey families who lived in Woodbury from about mid 1870 until 1950's. I would welcome any contact from fellow researchers. My email is