It is with some regret that I am announcing the cessation of the Woodbury website, which I set up and have run since 2001. At the point of setting up, it was the only internet access that Woodbury had, and had regular monthly inputs from the Parish Council and the Woodbury News, plus others. As time has gone on, most of the original contributors have set up their own websites, so do not have the need to contribute here. Also, during this period of operation there have been major advances in the internet in general, and website construction and operation. This has made the current site almost ‘steam driven’, therefore way out of date. Currently there are now major problems coming out of the internet itself, as most of the available browsers have, or shortly will have, banned the use of Java applets in websites as being insecure. This is causing major problems for people with domestic webcams, or as on this site, the operation of rotating pictures, as it renders them inoperable. If you update your browsers now, you will find that you can no longer get what you used to. The live webcam on the website has to operate through an external server, for which there is a three figure annual subscription, which is due for renewal on February 8th, on top of the basic annual URL charges. All these costs I have financed myself over the years, and have been happy to do so, but I feel now is the time to call a halt. To continue, the website would need to be completely rebuilt on a modern platform, and as I am nearer 80 than 70 years old, it would need to be done by someone with a better understanding of programming and internet jargon than me. I therefore intend to cease the camera on 8th February, followed in due course by the website probably by the end of the month. Any still useful historical information will be transferred to the History Society website, but the rest will be deleted. Thank you for being followers through the years. The site has had over 126,000 hits, and the webcam almost 94,000 at point of writing. If anyone has any interest in continuing the site, please contact me by 6th February at the latest.                                                             Roger Stokes

This site was created by Roger Stokes. and was last updated: 29.01.17