The old Tithe map of Woodbury was drawn up in 1839 and is 10 feet square, and it was housed in St Swithun's Church until 2009. It now resides in the Devon Records Office.

There were originally three copies of this map - one at the Records Office which was in poor condition with holes in it, one at Woodbury which was of better quality, and one held by the Inland Revenue which was by far the best copy. A copy of the latter has now been digitised by Roger Stokes between 2008 and 2011, and can now be viewed here in two different versions.

One version is a digitally enhanced map with colour added of the outline and detail of the original, and the other has been added with the detail (now in colour) taken from the Tithe Apportionment Book which accompanied the map, and held all the detail of the Parish acreage, cropping, and ownership and tenanting of farms and dwellings.

Also here has been added a digitised version of the Tithe Apportionment book, which was originally  digitised by Gillian Selley, and now re-ordered into field numerical order for easier reading. Various versions of the digitised book are available sorted in different orders, eg. by owner, by tenant, by crop, by farm or by family name etc.

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Tithe Map outline

Tithe Map detail

Tithe Apportionment book

Major Landowners

Orchards of 1839

Foreward to the Tithe Apportionment Book